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Misdiagnosis Claims

Compensation for a Medical Misdiagnosis

Seeking medical help and advice is something that makes us feel vulnerable. Most of us are fairly ignorant about the conditions that may affect us. The lack of awareness means that we trust the medical practitioners for our future health and life. In the majority of cases, the medical staff does an excellent job and performs high standards services. Sometimes things don’t go as expected like your illness being misdiagnosed leaving you devastated.

Proving you were the victim of misdiagnosis

You can make a claim if you have been misdiagnosed. You may need to prove that you were misdiagnosed due to medical negligence, and also that this negligence has resulted in injury, suffering, and financial hardship on you.

You may need to prove that the treatment given to you was below standard and that this failure caused you harm.

More recently, The Bolam test definition has been widened slightly to include cases where the patient couldn’t give informed consent for a course of treatment as they were not provided with all of the information needed. The NHS has a written constitution that sets your rights when something goes wrong.

These rights include:

You should start your claim as soon as possible after the misdiagnosis for successful compensation. NHS Resolution pledges to deal with complaints within 12 months. However, if the practitioner denies any kind of liability, the court case may take much longer. In certain cases, the practitioner might contest the extent of the injury upon admitting negligence. An interim payment might be made to help you bear medical expenses resulting from negligence, maintain your standard of living and quality of life.

All available records of your treatment and your current state are evaluated by a qualified neutral practitioner. If this assessment concludes that you have been the victim of negligence, your solicitor can start a case. He can claim on the basis of the treatment you received and the effect the faulty treatment had on your life.

If you feel you have been misdiagnosed, then you should contact an expert injury lawyer on . Our experts will listen to the details of your case and give relevant advice.

Different types of medical misdiagnosis

Medical misdiagnosis falls into different categories. There may be cases of complete misdiagnosis, late diagnosis, an incorrect diagnosis. Mistakes can be life endangering, no matter what the nature of your illness is. This may result in increased pain and discomfort. The recovery time may also get longer.

Loss of earning counted when compensation is paid

Medical negligence can also have financial impacts on the victim. Prolonged illness can lead to longer time off the work and which in turn means loss of income. This is also taken into account while calculating the compensation amount along with any other expenses such as medical bills.

Claiming compensation against NHS or a private clinic may appear difficult and hectic.  And that’s why we are here to take your entire headache away and help you file a successful compensation claim. All our Partner Solicitors offer a no win no fee system. That means you have to pay your legal fees only if you win and that’s too from your compensation amount. Get in touch with us to get free legal advice on .