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Industrial Disease Compensation claim

It is the right of every person to work in a safer environment, working conditions where modern health and safety regulations are followed to avoid any industry-related diseases or accidents from happening. According to the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974, the health of the employees should not be put at risk, and the work environment should be made as safer as possible. Oftentimes, these rules are ignored or neglected by the employers and employees end up getting injured or industry-related disease. If you’ve developed an industry-related illness caused by your employer’s negligence, then you may be able to claim compensation to cover the impact it’s had on your life and those around you.

Types of industrial disease claimed for

The industry-related disease can develop over time; can be very painful, stressful, and turn a person very weak. The most common industrial diseases claim are made for the following diseases:-

If you feel that you’ve developed any of the above mentioned industrial diseases due to negligence by your employer, then you should get in touch with an expert personal injury lawyer, or submit the online claim form to request a callback.

Compensation amount you can get?

The exact amount of compensation for chemical injury will rely on the severity and extent of your injuries as well as your actual financial losses, better referred to as General Damages and Special Damages. Your personal injury solicitor will analyze the physical, psychological, and financial impact of the industrial disease on you and your loved ones. The damages can be defined in two categories- general and special. When calculating the amount of compensation the following factors can be considered:-

Filing a compensation claim for an industrial illness

You must file a compensation claim within 3 years of the first diagnosis of the industry-related disease. We recommend you to get in touch with a personal injury solicitor at the earliest. At ConsumerInjuryClaims, we offer no win no fee agreement to our potential clients. This means we charge only if you win your claim and that too from the compensation amount.

To file an industrial-disease compensation claim, your personal injury lawyer will gather evidence to prove your employer’s fault or negligence. This means your solicitor will have to prove that your employer failed in their duty of care for you, and you suffered as a result of their negligence.

The claim should be made as soon as possible because your personal injury solicitor will help you document all your suffering that will later help decide the compensation claim amount. You will be keeping all records right from the beginning, collect evidence that may destroy with time. If possible, you should also keep records of all the financial expenses you’ve had to pay as a result of your illness. Your personal injury solicitor will then get you examined by an independent medical expert whose report will become the base of filing your compensation claims. Your solicitor will also take into account the mental trauma and impact the disease had on your daily life. In case you are unable to work, then the loss of income will also be taken into account while filing the industry disease claim.

The employer that caused my illness has gone out of business, can I still claim?

You can file a claim on your employer even if the employer has gone out of business. Your personal injury solicitor will work on tracing your former employer’s insurers and bring out a claim on your behalf. So, while filing a claim, it doesn’t matter if your employer has gone out of business.

Will I lose my job if I claim against my employer?

The insurer of your company will pay for the compensation claim. Your company is bound to obey regulatory laws and cant unfairly dismiss you for filing a compensation claim against them.