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Compensation for Forklift Accidents and Injuries

Forklifts accidents

Forklifts are used in all industrial environments to lift industrial goods over distances within the premises or outside premises. There are always chances of getting hurt by forklift trucks. As per records, every six weeks one worker in the UK is killed in an accident involving a forklift truck.

The legal duties of forklift truck operators

In a forklift-related injury case, you can either be the forklift driver or happen to be a person near the forklift who got injured. However, if the forklift truck was poorly maintained, then you may be able to file a forklift injury compensation claim. Forklift operating companies have to get their forklift trucks checked every year. The brakes, steering, and other mechanical components should be checked and should be properly functional before using them for work. These examinations will have to be carried out in line with regulations known as PUWER 98 and LOLER 98.

The forklift should be examined by an experienced forklift truck engineer or an inspector with expert knowledge employed with some insurance or machine inspection company. The company has to keep a written record of the forklift inspection. If you have been injured because of a poorly maintained or uninspected forklift truck, then you can file a claim for forklift accident compensation.

Forklift  operating environment

The safety laws apply both on the trucks as well as the surrounding environment According to the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999:

Filing forklift injury compensation claim

For filing the forklift injury compensation claim, you should ensure that someone else negligence is blamed. This has to be proved that it's someone else’s negligence that resulted in you suffering a personal injury. Like mentioned before, you can be the forklift operator or you could have been a visitor to a shop or warehouse in which forklift trucks operate. If you’ve suffered and it wasn’t your fault then you shouldn’t have to carry on suffering and can file a compensation claim for your injuries.

Duty of Employer

An employer has a duty of care to ensure that both workers and visitors stay as much safe as possible. Employers should assess the risks involved and provide safety equipment at accident-prone job areas. The workers and visitors should be able to move into the premises safely. The forklift truck operation area should be kept separate so as to avoid accidents. If the employers fail in their duty of care, then they should be held responsible for the injury.

So, If you’ve been injured in any forklift-related accident and feel that you make a forklift accident claim compensation, then call our trained personal injury lawyer. Our personal injury solicitor offers a No Win No Fee agreement to our clients. This means we charge only if you win your compensation claim and the fee will be charged from the compensation amount. Your legal advisor will give you transparent advice and help you get the maximum possible compensation based on your injuries.