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Compensation claims against the council and native authority bodies are relatively common especially after you bear in mind the breadth of services they cover. The Council and native authorities have an obligation of taking care of their customers as well as the employees. In case they fail to take care of this duty of care, the customer and employees can file for the council employee claims.

Claiming for a Council Work Accident

It’s the right of an employee to ask for a safer work environment from their employers. The employers must ensure maximum possible safety or safety equipment in hazardous or risky environments. Every employee should be able to work in a safe environment knowing they are protected from the risk of injury, and this includes people who work for their local council. Many of us work for local authorities, covering a variety of job roles that may leave them susceptible to suffering an injury or risk of accident at the workplace – it’s not just people working in council offices; you will be ready to claim against your local agency if you’re employed by them as a Builder, Gardener, dustman, daily wage worker, Accountant, Parking worker, Environmental health worker, etc

Common Injuries In Council Compensation Claims

To file a compensation claim against Councils, one has to prove their negligence. Injuries can occur at buildings, footpaths, highways, and other facilities administered by the council and local authority. There has been a trend of common injuries in council administered areas and hence in those injuries council can be held responsible if it’s because of its mistake or negligence. There can be the following possible reasons for injury:-

There may be many more reasons for common injuries related to council compensation claims.

Damages covered under Council Compensation Claim?

There are two main types of damages- general damage and special damage. While filing for council compensation claims, general damages related to the injury and impact on the individual taking in such issues as:

The courts and insurance companies have made certain guidelines to define injury categories and compensation range. Each council compensation claim is unique in itself as the impact of injuries can be different on different individuals.

Now, the special damages have a rather clear compensation range defined as it includes the main financial impact due to injury. Some special damages are like:-

Compensation amounts

The amount of compensation depends on various factors considering the physical, psychological, and financial impacts of the injuries. The duration and costs of recovery also impact the compensation amount. If there are mild injuries, then compensation will be lesser. If the injury will take a long time and has caused the loss of earning additional future medical expenses, then the amount will be higher.

The Councils Duty of Care

There are extensive health and safety regulations placed overall council and native authorities. The council and native authorities have to follow the basic duty of care to the final public and employees. Proving that a council or government agency breached their duty of care is central to any claim of negligence and subsequent compensation. There are many ways in which this duty of care can be breached including:

Why you need ConsumerInjuryClaims?

ConsumerInjuryClaims has a team of expert personal injury solicitors who can always negotiate to get you the maximum amount of compensation you deserve. The personal injury lawyer will help collect evidence and a free independent medical assessment by a medical expert. Your personal injury lawyer will take into account the mental trauma, physical injuries, loss of earnings, future medical bills. Cost of physiotherapy and other financial impacts. We offer No Win No Fee to all our personal injury clients. This means you never need to pay in advance and about the legal fees. We charge you only if you win the council compensation claim and that too from the compensation amount only. So, if you have suffered any injury in the council administered zone, you can claim your compensation if the council’s fault is proved.