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Bullying at workplace compensation

It is almost certain that during one’s lifetime, one has to witness bullying at the workplace. It may be you being bullied, or someone else. Bullying has been a commonly existing behaviour at workplaces but in recent year’s people has become more aware of their rights. Bullying may cause a person significant mental stress, suppress personality, impart inferiority complex and may also cause low productivity at the workplace. It is considered a form of assault. There have been cases where a person has committed suicide after facing bullish behaviour at the workplace. Hence, if you or someone is being bullied at the workplace, he/she may file for compensation claims.

Bullying: How to define and determine 

Bullying is a kind of behaviour that cause stress or physical fights at the workplace. A person being bullied either face mental trauma on daily basis or it may lead to physical confrontation as a normal human defence mechanism kicks in.  The person bullying you may be misusing his higher position to bully people working under him/her. Following are a common bullying behaviour observed at workplaces:-

Filing a Claim for Compensation for Workplace Bullying

Your Personal Injury lawyer compiles all evidence to prove bullying at the workplace. To prove the bullying, there has to be a series of events, other colleagues testifying for bullish behaviour and negligence by one or more third parties. Your Personal Injury solicitor checks all facts and decides whether you should file for bullying at workplace compensation or not.

If you do have a powerful case for compensation claims, your personal injury lawyer sends a replica of all the evidence to the defendant. If the employer’s negligence is fairly obvious via evidence, they’ll likely look to pursue a settlement. If the employer contests it, this is often more likely to travel to a full-blown court case.

Types Of Compensation For Bullying At Work

Compensation for bullying at work can be categorised as general and special damages.

General damages can be like

Special damages can be like:-

There is no discretion with regards to special damages which are simply redressing expenses incurred and funding required assistance going forward.

Compensation for Psychological Damages

Bullying can cause mental trauma to a person causing issues in personal life, inability to deal with day to day chores, increased expenses due to psychiatrist visits. Hence psychological damages can amount to compensations like

So, If you’re considering claiming compensation for bullying at the workplace, our Personal Injury solicitors will offer you full confidentiality and guidance on evidence collection.