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Sport Injuries

Sports Injury Claims

Can you make a sports injury claim?

Playing any kind of sport carries some level of risk, but where your injury is somebody else’s mistake – like where health and safety guidelines were not followed, equipment was not properly maintained or somebody was violent – you might be eligible to claim compensation.

To commence a claim, your damage needs to have occurred as a result of someone else’s ignorance or rude behavior. For example, you might be eligible to make a sports injury claim if:

You were tackled not properly, causing you to become damaged;

You did not receive the right coaching or instructions;

Fields or playing surfaces were not maintained;

Other players behaved violently.

Equipment was hazardous or improperly maintained.

The simplest way to search out whether you have a claim is to contact an expert legal advisor on 0800 234 6438. They will ask few queries to get a clear understanding of what occurred and can tell you whether they think you can make a successful case.

What compensation can I claim for?

Most individuals play sport to relax and unwind and it is very unfair if this is taken from you. You do not deserve to suffer without compensation to recognize what you have been through and to cover the expenses your damage has caused.

Sports damages can leave you stuck at home for a long time – not only can this make you feel depressed and lonely, but it can also mean you are unable to carry on playing sport or even go to work. In some severe cases, you might have to give up that sport altogether, especially if your doctor thinks your damage will affect ongoing problems.

An expert legal advisor will assure all the expenses of your damage are covered so you are not left out of pocket. The sum of compensation you get will depend on factors such as how severe your damage was, how it suffered your daily life, whether you need future care or assistance, and whether you were left unable to work. It could include damages for:

Pain and suffering;

Mental trauma;

Further clinical treatment, involving  travel cost to the clinic;

Physiotherapy and other rehabilitation costs;

Loss of earning if you are unable to work after the incident;

Any equipment and alterations to your home you require to assist you to live as normal a life as possible;

Interim payments to cover your costs while you wait for your final compensation package.

It may seem daunting, but any amount you get can assist you to get things back to how they were before your damage.

Types of sports injury claims

Injuries can occur in almost any type of sport – but some damages can be omitted if the right level of care and attention is given by those around you.

Team sports

Popular team sports like rugby, football, and cricket can cause severe damages as a result of unfair play by another player, or by assault if another player is acting aggressively. Common damages involve ligament or tendon damage, leg injuries, head injuries, or whiplash.

Horse riding injuries

Stables and trekking centers should assure you have the equipment and training you require to ride safely. If you have received poor instruction or have faulty equipment like tack, safety hats, girth, or reins, the consequences can be critical.

Gym injuries

Gym owners and staff should ensure the equipment is properly maintained and safe for use, otherwise critical injuries can occur – for example, if weights machines, treadmills, or benches break while you are using them to exercise.

Injuries as a spectator

Most individuals associate sports damages with the actual players – but people watching sports are also at risk.

There are other risks to spectators, like seats or benches collapsing, as well as violent behavior by other people in the crowd resulting to assault. Individuals watching motorsport can also be injured by debris or vehicles coming off the track.

How we can help

No matter what kind of sports injury you have suffered, it is likely an injury legal advisor can assist you to make a claim if it occurred in the last three years and was someone else’s mistake.

A specialist legal advisor will assist you to gather all the paperwork and evidence you require to present a solid possible case. They will also transfer with the relevant parties to try and win you an out-of-court settlement, but if the matter does have to go to court they will be with you each step of the way and speak on your side.

For more details, or to seek out whether you are eligible to make a claim, you can get in touch with a trained legal advisor for free on 0203 603 7712. Or, if you had preferred, fill in one of the contact forms on this page to arrange a callback.

What evidence will I need?

If you have suffered an injury through playing or watching sport, it will assist back up your case if you can provide:

Photos of the location;

Photos of your damage;

Details of the event;

The name of the person or organization you feel is responsible for your injury;

The names and addresses of any witnesses who would assistance your version of events.

How long will my claim take?

The time period it takes for compensation for sports damage to be paid out in full can differ, depending on factors like as:

How serious your injury is;

The circumstances of the accident;

How long it takes to get medical reports;

Whether the other side accepts liability.

A straightforward case could be solved in just some months, but if liability is denied or the case is complicated, it may take a longer time. An expert legal advisor will be able to give you a better idea of how long it will take once they have heard more information about your case.

No win no fee

Most injury legal advisors will be able to accept your sports injury claim on a no win no fee basis, which means you can make your claim without any financial risk to you and without paying any advisor’s fees upfront.

What if the injury was partly your fault?

You may be eligible to claim some compensation even if the damage was partly your mistake – as long as somebody else was partly to blame too. This is called ‘contributory negligence’.